May 17, 2005

666, oops carry the 2, subtract the - OK, sorry, it's 616. Our bad.

It's not 666. It's 616. Straight from the scientists working on the ancient papyri unearthed a little over 100 years ago at Oxyrhynchus. (Go ahead, say Oxyrhynchus fast three times; sounds like you're talking laundry.)

As early as about 200 A.D. Irenaeus is known to have suggested the number was 616, but he stuck with the traditional 666 anyway. Should have gone with the hunch.

See the Papyrus Project at Oxyrhynchus so they can better explain this to you.

Back to the drawing board, Hollywood. And Wiccans. And all you goofballs with "666" tattooed somewhere on your bodies.


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