April 29, 2005

Maybe He Was Going to Blog About It ...

What a boob. Mark Sabia has a press pass and goes to every major sporting event in New York City for 20 years, with camera equipment and an assistant. He knows everyone, interviews everyone, is a regular fixture. But...

Apparently he did everything but actually file reports anywhere. So he was arrested when he showed up at the New York Mets Opening Day this month to "work".

Exactly the opposite of what Jayson Blair did, who fabricated the stories but feigned all the legwork.

Hey, maybe they could work together!


Then there's Luke. He faithfully researches, he attends, dissects and analyses, elegantly reports, and even gets published in a real print publication.

He's just not bothering to get paid for it.

It takes all kinds.

** sorry, Luke :-) **


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