March 22, 2005

Building a Better Mouse Boob

Stem Cell Research.
Lab Animal Testing.

In a lab at the U. of Illinois in Chicago, Jeremy Mao is developing a latticework directed growth technique "to develop a stem cell material that could be useful in society."

Like, to make boobs.

To be fair: Mao envisions the development of suitable tissues for reconstructive surgeries using his stem cell scaffolding techniques, and he reported his work a few weeks ago at a conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, DC.

But I'm not here to be fair. I'm here for salacious amusement, mostly my own.

This guy gave breast implants to mice. He used human stem cells to grow fat on a latticework that he was able to shape into little mouse ta-tas.

This is far safer than giving mice silicon breast implants, and the important news is that the grown implants maintained shape and size for four weeks. Normally, stripper mice have to return to the plastic surgeon three or four times each month, which really cuts down on the pole swinging.

New Scientist Story


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