April 29, 2005

Gay Marriage and the End of Civilized Society


"Gay marriage doesn't affect you one way or the other. Gay marriage doesn't change your marriage and it doesn't change your religion. A million gay people can get married tomorrow and nothing would change for you. Nothing at all. You wouldn't even notice it but for your obsession about other peoples' sex lives.

Britney Spears can still get married while drunk for the 5th, no 6th, no, 7th time in Vegas to someone she just met last week, or even that night.
You can still get married and divorced in the same day if you wish in several states and in some you can do that several times.
Two 80 year olds can still get married as long as they are of different genders and even if one or both are afflicted with dementia.
Two people of different genders can be married without ever meeting one another, even on the day of the wedding.
Your sister can marry a guy on death row and never consumate the marriage.
Your grandmother can marry the 20-year-old pool boy.
Mary K. Latourneau can still marry the schoolboy she raped.

Please don't tell me that gays are destroying the sanctity of marriage. Heterosexuals are doing a pretty bang up job of that without any help at all from gays."

I don't even know how I was pointed to the link I just quoted, but I thought it was cogent.

Every single decade of every single century, the moral authority says the fabric of the world is unravelling. I don't see it.

I'm a fanatically committed family guy and ethically driven community Joe, despite the fact that the world has been falling apart since before I was born.

People are spending years of political capital to get an amendment banning gay marriage and God(s) are being inserted into science classes and the Ten Commandments are smuggled into Federal Courthouses; simultaneously, God is being snipped from the Pledge of Allegience, and crosses are being litigated off of city seals and torn from war memorials and mountaintops across America.

Does nobody on either side of the moral teeter-totter have anything to do with their time these days?


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