June 30, 2005

Big Fish. Biiiiiiiiiiig Fiiiiiiiiiiish

In the Mekong River there are giant catfish that have been talked about for over a thousand years. They're critically endangered now. So, they caught one and collected it's milt for a captive breeding program. And the big guy died. Oops. Hey, steaks for everyone!

Grizzly Bear-Size Catfish Caught in Thailand

June 28, 2005

Bazillionaires and Experimental Aircraft

Far too often, famous sons or their uber-famous fathers are always dropping out of the sky. Too many musicians to list, the Petty kid, that Kennedy boy, the Walton heir just yesterday. Amazing that this comic was posted just 2 days ago.

And yes, I know Walton wasn't exactly young. And Petty wasn't actually a Billionaire. But you get it.

June 07, 2005

125 Large Northern Lakes Disappear

Pull the plug in your tub. When the permafrost thaws under an Arctic lake, it's the same effect. Well, minus the rubber duckies.

Not that global warming actually affects anything.

The Itsy Bitsy Oldest Thing on Earth

Don't sneeze, or we'll have to find another one.

The Oldest Thing on Earth

Frogs rain down on Serbia

Not French people. Frogs. Actual amphibians.

And I thought living in Southern California was wierd.:

"Traffic came to a halt and locals fled inside after thousands of frogs fell from the sky onto a Serbian village."

That reminds me: Magnolia is one of my favorite movies.

So I love this story.

June 01, 2005

Scientists Figure Out Sarcasm ... ... Hey, Good For Them.

I did sort of notice that when I'm on the internet there's this fireworks show going on in my brain's right ventro-medial area.